Young innovative companies out of our laboratories

We welcome young technology companies coming from the research laboratories of our perimeter. These start-ups companies develop their R&D in the field of the environment and industrial processes, and benefit from an infrastructure adapted to their needs in a context allowing them to maintain close collaborations with the scientific activities from which they originate.

Startup companies currently hosted in PEI

Hymag'In was created as a company in January 2019 after several years of research in the ISTERRE laboratory in the field of iron chemistry applied to the treatment of effluents from the steel industry. The company currently has 3 employees and is developing an original process for recycling fine iron particles into magnetite, a material with many applications, particularly in the field of the environment and pollution control.


Hymag'In aims to commercialise its "green magnetite" by 2020...


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Rheonova is a young company resulting from the research carried out at the Laboratory of Rheology and Processes, in the field of the characterisation of complex fluids. Rheonova has more than 10 employees and works for different industrial sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, agri-food, construction and public works...

Solan Développement is the result of the valorisation of the work of the Research Group on Environment and Atmospheric Chemistry in the field of gas and volatile organic compound chemistry. Solan Développement is a very young company that focuses on custom analytical services and offers custom sampling and characterization methods for volatile compounds...

Encanwell Europe was created in 2016 and specialises in indoor air quality. Its director Chong LI, obtained his PhD at the University of Grenoble Alpes, in the Laboratory of Rheology and Processes, and now works on the modelling of air flows and the propagation of pollutants.
Encanwell Europe works on the development of an air purification solution that shoud be sold in France and then in China, where the problem of indoor air pollution is a major concern.